Fixed view of the model - Layout - Drawings Shifting as scene was updated in SU



We create models,
we add scenes
we bring the drawing to layout,
we do a pile of work notes, dims etc
we update the drawing and one or two of the scenes views
we hop back to layout - because the scene views were updated - the drawing shifts… the dimes and text stay where they are - this is extremely frustrating.
A great feature would be to have the view in layout - based on the scene - but fixed / controlled in layout. When I update the scene tab in SU - it wont effect the view in Layout.


If the scene camera moves relative to the model and you update the scene, the viewport will reflect that change and it should do. Preventing LayOut from updating camera locations in viewports defeats the benefit of making the scene and in the first place.

If you must move the camera to make other changes to the scene, untick Camera in the list of parameters to update when updating the scene.


Thanks for the info.
In our art dept there can be up to 5 people working on the same sketchup file a different stages - If one person doesn’t remember to uncheck the “camera location” and updates the scene the layout file gets screwed up. I suppose my point is - its far too easy to screw up the layout file based on an sketchup scene.
Also there is no “undo” to updating a scene.


I run into that same thing in my work. Always a need to dummy-proof the tools because the users can’t or won’t be trained. :slightly_smiling:

You could explode the viewport or just double click on it and close it again. This would make it show as modified in the Scenes list but disconnect it from the original scene. Then changes to the camera position in the scene won’t get transmitted to the viewport. The point is, there are already several ways to do what you are asking for.

Or don’t make scenes at all. Make copies of the original viewport and edit them to make the camera position changes for the views needed. Then there’ll be no scene-specific parameters sent to LO after updating the SketchUp file. Changes to the model will still be shown, though.