Changes to drawing will not update in Layout

I made some changes and added some stuff to my drawing and when I update the drawing in Layout, all of the added stuff will not disappear on my scenes. I have update all the scenes in Sketch up, but they are all still there in the layout pages.

Are you sure that the reference has been updated in LayOut? Is the path to the reference pointing at the Sketchup file you updated? What modifications to the scene properties did you make for the viewports in LayOut? Share the SketchUp and LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

It might sound silly but its something that happens 95% of the time when people ask me why LO isn’t updating the changes made on SU. The solution is to save on SU after you’ve done the modifications. If that’s not the case, you should share your file so someone here can check what’s the problem.

Thank you for the quick responses. Here are the files. I saved so many times. I added some things to the Box design. I updated all the scenes and saved them again. Opened Layout and updated the file. I even tried to relink the file again. When you open the pages in Layout, the pages are numbered and there should only be that numbered panel on that page. If you compare the Scene in SU to the page in LO they don’t match. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has happened before and doing the relink always did the trick.

Hunsaker Box.skp (271 KB)

Hunsaker Layout.layout (564 KB)

The first viewport I selected in the LayOut file shows that you’ve modified the Camera, Style, and Tags properties which overrides those properties from the scene. So changes to those properties in the scene in the SketchUp model will not carry over to the LayOut viewport no matter how many times you save the SketchUp file or update the model reference. You need to reset those properties for the viewport.

Here I’ve reset just the Camera properties.

Looks like you double clicked into the viewport and zoomed the camera instead of just selecting an appropriate scale for the viewport. Generally you’ll find best practice is to avoid modifying especially the Camera properties. There really is no need to do that anyway.

Start out by resetting the viewports and see if your updates come through on the viewports.

Personally I wouuld choose a single style for the model and defintely get rid of the one with the sky and ground turned on. You probably don’t want to print all that gray in your viewports. There are a bunch of unused styles that could be purged, too.

Before purging:
Screenshot - 4_20_2023 , 8_42_31 PM
After purging:
Screenshot - 4_20_2023 , 8_42_43 PM

Also a good idea to make sure all edges and faces are untagged.
Screenshot - 4_20_2023 , 8_45_25 PM
Wouldn’t hurt to purge unused components and materials as well.
Screenshot - 4_20_2023 , 8_47_18 PM
Your model isn’t huge but that purging reduced the file size by about 30%.

BTW, the first three pages and a number of pages farther in use the same scene but you’ve modified the camera position. Instead you should use the scenes you’ve created for those views. You’ll have to reset the camera to get the views to update, though.

The decision to edit the camera position and zoom level in LO means your updates to the SketchUp file are going to result in a ton of extra work when you reset the Camera properties for the viewports. This extra work would be avoided if you hadn’t modified the camera in LO.

Thank you so much for the infor Dave. Unfortunately I am a newbie above all newbies…lol I have a very very small working knowledge of Sketch Up. I don’t really understand the information you have given me. So it looks like I have some video to watch…lol. You have given me a place to start and I appreciate that. I made this model by just hunting around the program. Looks like I have a lot more to learn. Thank you again.

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You might start with the instructional stuff at There’s some good info there.

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