LayOut not updating viewport unless clicked in

Hi there,

I have a drawing package I’ve updated in SKP18 twice before for submission to my client. I’m on the third revision now, updated my model as usual, went into the same LO file I’ve been using this whole time, clicked “update model reference” … and nothing changes. I have the correct file linked in document setup, have never had this issue before, and am quite stumped.

The odd thing is that if I click into the viewport, the correct version of the model appears. Unfortunately doing so changes the positioning and renders all my dimensions pointless.

I’ll probably just end up remaking the LO file from scratch, but knowing why this happened for future reference would be very useful…

Assume the file was saved after the revisions in SU and that the LO scenes do not show (modified) next to them?

It would be easier to help you sort this out with the LayOut file at hand. Can you share it? If iyou can’t make it public, send it to me in a PM. If it’s too big to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

One common thing that causes problems like this is having modified the scenes in LayOut. If you select a viewport and the scene shows as Modified in the SketchUp Model panel, scene specific changes you might have made won’t show because the link to the scene has been damaged.

Copy that. I think it was a combination of that and copying viewports instead of making a new one each time. I clicked into the model space to refresh the drawing, so it’s all good now. But thanks for the help (and for all the other answers of yours I see on this forum)!

How were you copying viewports?

You shouldn’t have to “click into the model space” and in fact you really shouldn’t be doing that at all.

I’d still be interested to see your LayOut file to see what you’ve got.

Copying viewports does not cause this issue. The only reason this happens is the correct scene is not selected under the SketchUp tray. If you select the viewport, you’ll see it states the scene with “modified”. All you need to do is reselect the scene.