How do you refresh the model in layout


I am having a problem with refreshing the updated model in layout after making the changes
in my sketchup model I save go back to layout. But I can’t figure out how to refresh the
to update the new layout drawing.
Need help.
Thank you zadach


Hello. You’re looking for the “Update Model Reference”. Right click on your model and it should pop up. Cheers!


Thank you. Its not working though. I have updated the scene in my sketchup
model hit save go back to my to layout. Click on that particular scene, then right
click, Update model reference. Nothing happens. What could be my problem.
Thanks again zadach


Look at the scene’s name in the SketchUp inspector in LayOut. Does it show the scene as modified? If so, you’ve unlinked the viewport from the scene. Choose the original scene name from the list. It should update just fine then.

Make it a habit to avoid creating modified scenes in LO because that will cause you problems as you go.


BTW, did you
[File] - [DocumentSetup…] - [References] - [Update] or [Relink] your imported SKP model?


Thank you DaveR,
I noticed that 2 were modified. I’ll take your suggestions and try again.