How do you refresh the model in layout

I am having a problem with refreshing the updated model in layout after making the changes
in my sketchup model I save go back to layout. But I can’t figure out how to refresh the
to update the new layout drawing.
Need help.
Thank you zadach

Hello. You’re looking for the “Update Model Reference”. Right click on your model and it should pop up. Cheers!

Thank you. Its not working though. I have updated the scene in my sketchup
model hit save go back to my to layout. Click on that particular scene, then right
click, Update model reference. Nothing happens. What could be my problem.
Thanks again zadach

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Look at the scene’s name in the SketchUp inspector in LayOut. Does it show the scene as modified? If so, you’ve unlinked the viewport from the scene. Choose the original scene name from the list. It should update just fine then.

Make it a habit to avoid creating modified scenes in LO because that will cause you problems as you go.

BTW, did you
[File] - [DocumentSetup…] - [References] - [Update] or [Relink] your imported SKP model?

Thank you DaveR,
I noticed that 2 were modified. I’ll take your suggestions and try again.

This is no longer an option when right clicking on the scene window in 2020, How do we do this in the new update 2020 SKP/.

Also, cant do it though document setup, not working.

If you are right clicking on a viewport there is still an option to update the reference in LO2020.


Have you exploded the viewport or modified the scene? Share the LO and SU files so we can see what you’ve got going on.

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Hi DaveR - I’ve got a similar and intermittent problem where the scene will not update to the latest version in SketchUp. I’m working on a decent set of architectural drawings, all sourced from one model, and over 40 views into it from LayOut.
I’ve done the following:

  • Updated model reference (both ways)
  • changed the scene, saved and changed back
  • deleted the viewport and created a new one
  • restarted my iMac
    nothing seems to fix the (now) 2 viewports. It does not seem connected to some limit as it is about the 10th viewport created & the 15th - they were correct when created, dropping out some time later.
    All scene’s are correct in LayOut.
    Any thoughts?? I want to avoid rebuilding the whole thing - about 5 hours work.

I am also having this problem. I have two viewports in my LO session, one for each of two scenes of the same SU model. The scenes are “Full” and “Base” where Base has some components hidden via the Tags tray. Choosing the “Base” scene in its viewport has no effect; I get the “Full” scene in both viewports. Relinking and Updating have no effect.

Any ideas? I’ve supplied both files if anyone wants to play with them.

LO 21.0.391, SU 21.0.391


Fri.layout (4.7 MB)
TRM_20210723_MarkShaw_C8.skp (262.5 KB)

Any changes to the scene that you make in LayOut override the scene from SketchUp. If you have changed the tag visibility for a viewport in LO that change will carry over when you change the scene unless you reset the Tags section. Relinking and updating have no impact on this at all. You need to reset the changes in the SketchUp Model panel. The same applies to the other sections of the panel like Styles and Camera.

In the larger viewport, choosing the Base scene will hide the objects tagged with L2 because that tag is hidden in the SketchUp model and your Tags setting in LO doesn’t override that.


Thanks very much, that fixed me right up.

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I have tried all the above and have got nowhere but highly cheesed off.
Besides all the sign in and out I would like to know how the Document set up supposed to work. I can not get it to purge or reconnect.
And for the 10th time I am again told I am unlicensed, what a pain this Trimble system is on that score. Another day I could have had an achievement. Lost due to software issues.

That looks more like a permission setting with writing. Is your machine virtualized or deployed by someone else?

I expect @MikeWayzovski is correct about the permissions. What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile.