Layout 2021 not recognising updated scenes in Sketchup 2021

I opened Layout and imported scenes from SketchUp 2021. I needed to add new scenes to my SketchUp model and I saved those while updating some other scenes with new information. My Layout model does not recognise the changes (I did save my SketchUp Model consistently) I tried everything but no go, then I tried a work around of saving my SketchUp model with a new name and bingo! the new scenes appeared. I am now on version 3 of my SketchUp model but I don’t think this is how its supposed to work. Any suggestions? Please see my screen shots! The roof framing scene is missing and cross section 2 is not updating to the new framing. SketchUp Scenes in Sketchup Model|690x35

Are you updating your reference files in Layout? Go to File/Document Setup and highlight your Sketchup file(s) and update them, after saving changes in Sketchup.

Alternately, close the Sketchup model(s) and right-click on a selected Layout window to open the model. When you do this your saved Sketchup changes will automatically update in Layout.

Thank you so much for that! I shall try both methods. I didnt know about that reference file update.

That has certainly cleared up some things for me - I am very grateful

Do you have two different .skp files or is that the same file referenced twice?

Make sure you are not copying from SketchUp and pasting into LayOut.

Thanks DaveR - I am using the same referenced file - but I didnt know that I could update the reference by using file/document setup/references.

No wasn!t copying and pasting!

Now I am OK!

It’s odd that you have what appears to be two references to the same .skp file. You should only have a single reference to a SketchUp model file in LO.

Yes it is odd but that is because I was stuffing things up!

I couldn’t get the LO model to update so I saved my SU file with another name and then downloaded the saved scene I needed for the set

Now I know I will be more careful next time!

Kind regards

Ed Haysom

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Now that you know it might be a good idea to sort that out so you can reduce the file size and prevent future problems.

I shall

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