Layout won't show new created scenes


sometimes Layout is moody and doesn’t work the way it should be!

I am working in Layout and at the SketchUp Model at the same time. When I create a new scene, I save the sketchup file. When I go to Layout, and like to insert this new scene, or change one of the already inserted drawings, the new scene won’t show up as an option. Sometimes it helps when I quite and reopen layout, not today. Any ideas what I can do?


Are you right clicking on a viewport and updating the model reference? SketchUp files only create an auto updating live link if you open the SketchUp file through Layout by right clicking on a viewport to edit in SketchUp. If you just have the SketchUp file open by opening from your hard drive or from within SketchUp then you need to update the model reference manually in layout.


oh wow! That did the trick! Update model first, and then it worked. Thanks.

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:+1:. Also, as I said, If you close the SketchUp file, then right click on a viewport in layout and edit in SketchUp, when the file opens in SketchUp it will be live linked and auto updating. Both methods work.


If you know you have a LO file with the SU drawing embedded in it, it’s often a good idea to open it before you open the SU file and then right click on a viewport and open the SU file that way. Not only does that create a live link, it avoids the risk of editing the wrong SU file. This is especially a problem on Macs as the backup files is only distinguished from the original file by the addition of a tilde to the file name. That makes it very easy to open the backup file by mistake.

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I noticed on Mac that it doesn’t work like it used to.
Upon opening a LayOut document with a reference to a file that has been updated, there isn’t a prompt to choose anymore.
The reference Panel does show ‘old’.
I currently don’t have a machine to test, though.

Do you mean in LO 2022, Jack? I am still on 2021 and the OP seems to be on 2020.

Yes, 2022!

I had this problem with LO 2022 and LO 2021

We have observed this issue, and believe it will be fixed in the next LayOut release. Note that this was a mac only issue.