New Scene into Layout File

Why don’t the newly imported scenes into layout not showing up as the saved version immediately. Importing the first scene into layout creates a blank bounded box, the image only visible after clicking on ‘Render’. So far so good. Then going back to the model, making and saving a new scene, then back to layout to copy an existing viewport, with the intention to change the viewport with this new scene, only that the newly created scene is not listed?!.

Why is this, and how does one overcome this?

When you change the SU file make sure to save it. Then in LO right click the viewport and choose “update model reference” from the context menu. Your new scene should now be available to choose…

Hi Ian, yep, all that done… saved n all! Also done “update model reference”. It seems it does become available eventually, after switching off the Mac, waiting half a day …
Thanks for taking the time to offer assistance.



I am now following Matt Donley’s SU to LO videos, perhaps there is a hidden message there…

By the way, Desconsh is going to be phased out, can’t change user name, so new account :slight_smile:

If it takes powering off the computer and waiting half a day to get LayOut to update the file there’s something wrong with your computer. How big is the SketchUp file?

Try this: Create a simple model of a cube with one scene. Save the file and send to LayOut. Quit SketchUp. Right click on the viewport in the LayOut file. Choose Open with SketchUp. When the SketchUp file is open, add a new scene. Save the changes and go back to LayOut. Look at the Scenes drop down list. Is your new scene available?

Another good source for beginning Layout Layout Essentials

Thanks Dave, I will give it a try. This has been doing this since I started using SU, I think version 14. Also have upgraded the Mac since then too… I think I am now 5 Macs down the line since this phenomena first appeared :slight_smile: Perhaps I just developed bad habits, hence my getting a recap using Matt’s videos. Playing the videos at double speed, his voice does seem a bit odd, heh heh…

I suspect somewhere in your workflow you have indeed developed some bad habits that are causing your problems. Bad habits or incorrect workflow do seem to be a primary cause of problems for users.

Indeed, bad workflow is the cause here. Did what you suggested, and bingo, works like a charm. Thanks for the time and advice

So now save the LO file. Then modify the SU file and add a third scene. Save the changed file. Open the LO file again. What happens?

Perfect !! Bad workflow the cause…

Do you see the SketchUp folder in your application folder?
In it there are three apps: StyleBuilder,LayOut and SketchUp

What does have to do with my bad workflow?

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Maybe SketchUp is not installed correctly. With the faster getting computers I have seen a lot of users actualy reinstall sketchup over and over, creating Islands of installations

Thanks for the insight Mike, but have not reinstalled SU2019 since the first download. This ‘error’ of LO not recognising or saving new scenes, is purely my own development of bad habits. So doing a refresher with Matt Donley, and yes, have recognised the ‘little’ errors I have been making.