Can't Update Scenes in Layout

I’m having an issue I can’t seem to resolve and cannot share my working files publicly which is making it more challenging:

I’m experiencing a unique issue updating scenes in Layout. I created a new scene in my SU reference model but after saving, updating and even relinking the LO viewport to my SU file the new scene will not appear in the “SU model” window.

That said when I go file>send to layout from my SU model into a new LO file the scene shows up fine. Then if I copy/paste that viewport into the Layout file I need it in, it doesn’t recognize it and reverts to what I’m assuming is the last saved scene.

I copy and pasted this viewport a few times throughout my LO file and has worked fine until needing to add a new scene in my SU reference file AFTER having the LO file full of viewports with the same SU reference file linked.

Side note too, when looking at the reference file the software added “14587099” to the beginning of the file name. Not sure why that is or if it’s an indicator of the problem?

You can see in the images I attached. I need that “LP gas lines” scene in my LO file.

I can’t share these files in the forums because it’s a proprietary design.

I just replied to the PM you sent me that is a copy of this.