Layout 2021 doesn't bring the scenes in from SU correctly

I´m new at SU …I´ve alredy made one project in SU 2021 and had no problems . This new one is giving me an hadache.
So, I create the scenes in SU : difrerent posisitions on paralele projection and diferent seccion planes .I save evrything.
Then i open the layout and i insert the model , the first scene comes correctly .
I duplicate the page and when i click the left button to chage the scene it brings me the next scene completely wrong. It changes the position of camera and it shows me the cut of the seccion planes.
I try to fixe it but scene by scene but so far i was no able to.
i would be grateful for the help.
If i open other file …it does the same problem …

Upload your Layout file so others can see what’s happening and help you.

sory dont know how to upload

Your profile doesn’t say what a operating system you use. (Trimble isn’t an operating system). Please complete your profile.

Assuming it’s Windows, find your .layout file in Explorer, then drag and drop it into your next post while you are editing it. (The post, that is, not the Layout file!)

Or use Finder similarly if you are using Mac OS X.

Or use the 8th icon above your post (Upload).

If it is bigger than about 15MB, use a file sharing service like Dropbox or OneDrive, and share a link to that.

And do you Update the scenes after doing so? You can check from within Sketchup by navigating away to a different scene and then returning. Does it look the same? If not, what you are now looking at is what will be transferred to Layout.

And are all the right “Properties to save” boxes ticked in the Scenes dialog?

yessss it was exactly that …i found out after a while