Layout 2021 vs. layout 2022 issues

I am having an issue where layout for 2021 remember my scenes that I saved in SU 2021 but 2022 versions are not recognizing the ones that were saved in a newly saved version of a new version of the model saved in SU 2022.

Driving me nuts.

Can you share the LayOut file and the latest version of the SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got set up? I’m sure the fix will be easy enough if we can identify exactly what the problem is.

Here are the requested files…try to see if the saved views work in Layout. I had to use other methods to get the current views you see. Once the model was set I made it a component and redid all of my saved views and updated them so they were what I wanted.

these files are from SU 2021. I am going to test them in SU 2022 to see if they still work.

I’m not seeing any files.

Here are the files…I am going to try them in SU 2022 as well…try making a layout page using the file and switching between saved views, which was the issue.

2022-001 LED Concept Model.skp (6.5 MB)

Please share the LayOut file you are having trouble with, too.

Its 116 mb…

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Why is it so huge. Does it have more SketchUp model files than the one you shared?

This is in LO2022. It would work the same in LO2021. No problem choosing different scenes for different viewports.

do I need to reinstall my SU installs?

I doubt it. Again, seeing your LayOut file would make it easier to sort out where the problem lies. Since it is LayOut you’re having trouble with, LayOut is the first place to start looking.

Although this would be a cause for your reported problem, I do see incorrect tag usage in your SketchUp file.The result of correcting it:
Screenshot - 2_7_2022 , 1_29_32 PM

uploading to dropbox now…will share shortly.

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Not sure I understand what was wrong or what you did to make correction.

ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only groups and components should get tags. In your model more than 70,000 edges and more than 36,000 faces have tags. I used a plugin to remove the tags from the edges and faces.

I opened your LayOut file. First viewport I clicked on is locked red bounding box. After unlock it you can see that you’ve overridden the Camera properties and visible tags. Also you’re using Last saved SketchUp view for this viewport which is problematic.

When you override those scene properties in LayOut you are preventing changes you might make to those propeties in the SketchUp file from coming forward into the LayOut file.

Next page, you’ve overridden all of the scene properties in LO so again, changes to the properties in the SketchUp file won’t be displayed.

Every viewport in the document has the same problem. You can correct this by first resetting all of the viewports. Then make the appropriate scenes in the SketchUp model and update the SketchUp references to let the viewports update.

Similar tag issue with the other .skp file.
Screenshot - 2_7_2022 , 1_59_17 PM

there is something odd, It looks like the colors of the selected elements (shared and not-shared) are switched.

@trent might have an idea.

What version of MacOs are you? Apple logo > About this Mac

I am using 12.1

What are you talking about? I’m not seeing that. The viewport you show highlighted is locked and outlined in red. The text box on the right side is on an unshared layer.

what is the plugin you used to remove tags from faces?

Also, that first page has no saved views. I just used the top view for that one.

I used TIG’s Default Layer Geometry from Sketchucation.

I know that. That’s not a good idea. You should create a scene in SketchUp for that view.

I look the viewports so that they cannot be changed once they are set to the right view and scale.