2020.2 Update

Running the 2020.2 update and as far as the new line style ‘overrides’ for tags in LayOut is concerned, so far it seems promising in reducing the number of stacked viewports needed to control lineweight.

I quite like the new LayOut selection and transformation improvements.

If this is a taste of things to come then perhaps subscription won’t be so bad…?
(at least for those of us who use it to earn a living)


There is some amount of checking if things are good going on today, I imagine we will do promotions for the update tomorrow. In the meantime, try out the other new features (toggling inference on line drawing, and weld).

I am wondering what is the difference between this built-in weld function and the existing weld extension by Smustard?
BTW I use Curvizard by Fredo6 for welding.

Possible issue with section cuts…?

If in SU my style is for section cuts to be 2 and edges 1, if I set the LO viewport line scale = 1pt and in the overrides I set the wall tag to 0.5pt expecting the section cut linework to be 1pt and the wall linework beyond the cut to be 0.5pt, what I get is a section at 2pt and the linework beyond at 0.5pt.

I don’t think it is intended to work on section lines. Section lines have never really been treated the same as “real” geometry. Set the Section Lines to 1 in the style and you should get what you want.

Thanks, I thought of that Dave, just a matter of making it work with the lineweights I use or modifying them to work with new feature…

In order to use this feature I had to change my default style to turn on Dashes again but now I don’t need to make the dash style setting in SU anymore. Little changes to the workflow buut it should make things easier as you work through the process.

FWIW my default style has always had section lines set to 1. :wink:

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To late

Dezmo Weld


Or you were too early. The way it works in 2020.2 is convenient. Sorry for your short lived opportunity!

In 2020.1 weld was added as a native ability, to make it simpler for developers to do weld things. Smustard no doubt had to go to a lot of trouble to get it to work.

In 2020.2 you can select a lot of geometry, including faces, and right-click Weld Edges, and it quickly will weld together what it can.

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I prefer to use the toolbars over the context menu. And mine has one more function.
Of course I didn’t re-invent the wheel …I just showed the new feature a little earlier.
Thank you for the encouragement!

Hi Dave

As you know, I haven’t upgraded yet, but why does the default style need dashes turning on if the Line Style for each Tag can be overridden in Layout?

So, in Sketchup a Component’s Tag could have a solid Line Style, but in Layout, this can be overridden to be a Dashed Line Style for that Tag.


In order to be able to control the line weight in the Tags section in LayOut, the style needs to have Dashes enabled so that one of the Dash styles will be shown. This includes that solid line style that everyone wondered about before. You could leave the Dashes turned off in the main style and select a different one for the viewport in LO but there’s no need, really. Leave Dashes enabled in the main style in the SU model but don’t select any dashes styles there. Save the dashes settings for LO.

Yes. You could leave the tags set to the Default setting in SU and only make the Dashes setting in LO.

I checked out the line width on tags feature in Layout 2020.2 … and I thank it will have significant value.

2D drawings have relied on line width both as an artistic tool … and as a means to convey important contextual information … more or less forever. But Layout has always been found wanting in this department.

Dashed lines were added to SketchUp in the recent past … but were of marginal utility (in my opinion) because you could still not control the line width in Layout. Thus I have been drawing column grids in Layout (so I could control line widths). But the drawing of the grids themselves was always a bit problematic. I could get what I needed … but it was always a bit tedious.

Now I will be able to include column grids as separate “Tags” in the SketchUp model … and have control over the line widths in Layout.

I did a quick test on a recent project … and it seemed to work. Will try it out on a new project later this week … I expect it to work just fine. Will require some changes to my workflow … but the more of the line drawing I can do in SketchUp the better … so no real problem there.

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Good afternoon !, can be added to SketchUp, save work space, import and export work space

Apologies to those who have problems with Layout…

For me selection and transformation, so far, seems more snappy and quicker than before.

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@egodsey: As you get on, we’d love to see what your projects are looking like and how we can improve the process. I hope you’ll share your feedback.

In Layout - the layers are still showing - layout hasn’t ‘moved across’ to tags…!!

Layout has Layout Layers and can use Sketchup Tags.
Layers in layout are different to Layers/Tags in Sketchup, which is one reason for the name change in Sketchup.

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What’s the actual version number of this release?

My windows Sketchup Pro shows it as 20.2.172; is that the most recent?