Dezmo Weld

Yet another welding plugin.

Occasionally, I have had some time to learn Ruby again and have seen that the weld method has been integrated into the SU Ruby API.
The weld method takes a set of edges and finds all possible chains of edges and connects them with a curve.
I thought I’d give it a try. I made a test plugin.
Nothing special, besides being very fast, due to the native procedure. But once I did, I thought I’d share it.

There are two options:

  1. Marry the selected edges. All. Unless the curve will not cross another curve. They will split where multiple curves meet.

  2. Similar as above, but polygons, circles and arcs will be ignored. Unless there is exactly one edge (can be part of another curve, and selected) at at least one end. (Well, what a beautiful sentence …)

  3. …(Completely optional: Only from menu)

One more thing. You must have a SkechUp 2020.1 (20.1.367) or later version. Otherwise you just get a pretty message or not even that!


Sketchucation Pluginstore:
Dezmo Weld