S4U Weld Query - Joining two straight lines

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A very quick and hopefully easy question about the Weld Extension from suforyou.

It works great, but when I Weld two straight lines, it then reports them as a curve in Entity info. Does this matter, that it’s recognising them as a curve and not an edge?

I decided to undo before I continued as I didn’t want to cause problems down the line with the model.

I have the Weld Extension by SMustard in Pro 2017, but I’m not sure if this is compatible with Pro 2018.

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It shouldn’t matter. A curve is a collection of edges that are welded together and aren’t a circle, arc, or polygon.

I believe the Weld plugin from Smustard is compatible with SU2018. It should be. I use TIG-Weld from Sketchucation.

If you want it to become one edge again, just draw a line perpendicular at the joint then erase it and you’ll be left with an Edge.

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Welding in SketchUp means joining into a Curve, not merging into a single Edge. As Box says you can merge by drawing a new edge from the shared vertex and then delete that edge. ThomThom’s CleanUp can do this for the whole model in just one action.

As we are listing welding extensions I’d also like to, without hijacking the thread too much, mention that I have also made one with some extra features.

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