The curve that would not be welded

I welded this curve 3 times (which I created as an arc), and it LOOKS like its welded, then reverts back to line segments.
Any idea why, or is there plugin that solves this?


I’ve seen this sometimes happen with really tiny edge(s) that are hard to see between the edges you’re trying to weld, effectively breaking the chain. Maybe that’s it? Failing that - just delete the section that won’t weld and draw a line.

Attach the model.

In the model you shared the other day, there were unsoftened vertical edges extending from the vertices of the curve underneath the top surface. These will prevent the curve from being welded.

Soften those vertical edges first and you can weld the edges of the curve. No need for a plugin to solve it.

If you had welded the curves before using Push/Pull this wouldn’t be an issue.


So is the best practice for all arcs to:

Also, I’ve attached the updated model (which I had some success with thanks to you guys!), where the welding issue presented itself…
Would someone mind telling me if the arch is symmetrical? (Some asymmetry seemed to creep in after I created the raised panel by moving my profiles)’.



Arched panels for bookcase.skp (535 KB)

Eneroth open newer version says it’s a 2021 file. Your profile says you’re using SketchUp 2019…
Please update your profile, it makes it easyer for us to help you!!
If you want me to look at your file, please save it as an older version file and upload that.

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If you orbit to look up from below, there are various missing or superfluous edges on the right vs the left. But so far as I can tell the curves themselves are mirrors right vs left.

As for creating the bevels, I wouldn’t use Move for that. I would use either Curviloft or TIG’s Extrusion tools to create the bevel surfaces. Although you rejected my version, I’m using it here because it is cleaner.

I copied the panel faces back by the depth of the raising. Then joined the end points between the front and back geometry with edges. The straight bevels fill automatically. Then one of the extensions I listed creates the curved bevels.

If you want to be sure that you have a perfect symmetry, I would suggest drawing only one half then do a mirror.