Unwanted lines after creating a curved corner wall

Novice user. I created a 2D L shape wall like figure and rounded the inside and outside lines forming the corner using the Arc tool. When I used Push/Pull to elevate the L shape to the high desired, lines appeared at the ends of the arcs on the vertical faces. When I tried to erase, the surface related vanish. Is it normal, if not, what is the reason and how do I correct it or create the geometry with out theses lines ?


Yes, that is normal. The straight parts and the arcs aren’t considered to be part of the same surface unlesw/until you tell SketchUp they are. There are two ways to do this. Before the pushpull you can select the arc and the straight line, right-click and choose Weld Edges (note: this right-click menu item is new in 2021. In previous versions you needed an extension to do the weld). After the pushpull, you can select the eraser tool, tap the option key (on Mac), and click on the undesired edges. That will set them to soft and smooth, which will make them visually blend with the adjacent parts of the surface.

Thank you so much :blush: