Push/Pull on to a curved surface


I’m having an issue push/pulling an object on to a curved surface. I’ve installed the JointPullPush plugin and that didn’t help. I’m sure it’s just my lack of experience.

In the screen shot you see three surfaces. The top of the bottom object, the curved surface above it and the the empty space in between. I am trying to get the object extended to match the arc angle and fill the space (highlighted in red).


Assuming that all the geometry is in the same context, If I was doing that, I’d probably just use the Line tool. Draw vertical lines up to the underside of the curve and connect them with a third line to close the faces. Then erase the unneeded edges.

I’ve tried that, but it results in a tiny gap since the upper surface is curved. See the screenshot below:

So the top part with the curve is not in the same context as the vertical part? It’s impossible to tell from your screen shots. Instead of drawing the single diagonal line, trace the edges of the curved part. You can see where the vertex is. Also join the vertices on the front and back to get the top faces on the vertical part.

You could also extend the vertical part up past the curve and trim it to fit.


Thanks. Your idea made me rethink it. I zoomed in all way and used the line tool to make two lines on the curved section that match the segments of the arc. This resulted in the desired result. Thanks!

I see we were typing at the same time. I did exactly what you mentioned just now. Thanks

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