Push/pull through curved surfaces

I am new to sketch up, and trying to do some basic stuff. I came across a problem.
I have a cylinder, and on top of that I have a curved dome. On the base of the cylinder I have a U shape that I can push through the cylinder, but not the dome. And in some cases not even through the cylinder. It would be great if you can help me with that.
Thanks a lot.

Pull Push Question.skp (322.7 KB)

Hello! What form do you plan your final model to be? Something like this?

Try this: Select everything, then go to Edit>Intersect Faces>With Selection. Erase the waste and you should see the U-shaped cutout. There is also a plug-in called Joint Push/Pull, which I believe can push shapes through a curved surface; I haven’t used it, however.
Hope this helps.

Yes exactly like this

Did you use one of the options suggested by davidheim1, or another one?

I did basically what David suggested. I redrew your model but I made a few modifications.

First, I dragged out the radius of the circle on axis instead in some random direction as you had done. Dragging out on axis makes it easier to work with the circle. I also started on the origin because that makes it easy to find a center point for the resulting radial array on the bottom. I set the number of sides on the circle to a value divisible by 5 since your model shows 5 notches. This makes it easier to ensure intersections where the straight line segments of the U-shaped notches meet the edges.

Next, I use Push/Pull to extrude the U-shaped faces up through the top. I hit Ctrl to allow the tool to extrude beyond the beveled top surface.

Intersect Faces made the intersections between the vertical faces and the top surfaces of the disk.

Finally, delete what isn’t needed, correct the face orientation in the notches and soften edges.

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Thanks a lot once again!