Having trouble with a basic shape I'm trying to achieve

Hi I’m new to Sketch Up and I’m having a bit of a problem trying to achieve this shape. It’s basically a cylinder with a rounded dome on top and then cut in half down the length and then the flat edge is pulled out slightly.

The best I have managed to achieve is creating a rectangle with one corner rounded and then used a semi circle as a template for the follow me tool but it leaves the flat edge of the dome on top messed up and it cannot be pulled out with the push/pull tool. I can also create a cylinder with a dome on top but can’t cut it in half.

Sorry for the noob question and any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

E+Ctrl for smoothing

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Easier to help if you can post your model here, not just an image.

But it looks to me from the image that you might have the ‘flat’ face of the dome softened.

Try turning on View/Hidden Geometry to see if it is one face, or being counted as a surface which won’t push-pull.

Is this the shape you are looking for?

Leg.skp (101.4 KB)

That looks perfect thank you but what tool do you use to select only certain points before you delete them? I can only select the whole object.

Ah View -> Hidden Geometry is what I needed!

Perfect, it worked, thank you to both of you! I didn’t expect an answer so quickly thanks very much!

Although I’m no Sage or Learned One, I know what you can do.
The reason you are unable to “push/pull” the dome is because the dome’s edge is either “smoothened” or “soften”.

You can click the search icon at the top right below the model’s name and type in “View Hidden Geometry”.

Click the switch so that it’s blue and then you can “push/pull” the edge of the dome.

Sorry if I am 14 hours late. I live in another part of the world.
Sorry for explaining even after you understand.