U-Shaped Cylinder Through Object

I’m looking to cut (push/pull) a bent cylinder through an object. I have a couple screenshots of the current progress. My end goal is to have a metal S-hook inserted into the cut-out made. I think I’m going to need some additional modification to where the U-shape ultimately is placed through the object, but right now I’m just trying to figure out how to do it.

In the screenshots, you will see the outline of where I’m currently planning on running the U-shape cylinder through. I created circles above to push/pull down, but that doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful!

Also, I was looking around other cylinders don’t have the # of edges/sides when push/pulled that I have on mine. Is this a setting or do you just increase the number of sides on the circle when drawing it?

Let me know what other information/details I should provide! This is my first time posting and I don’t know what else would be helpful. Also, as a new member, I was only allowed to upload one photo…so let me know if you want other pictures or the skb file and I can dm them.

For a U shape, use the follow me tool - create a u shaped path and use the circle shape you already have (at right angles to the path). Next, click on the path to select, then choose the follow me tool and select the circle to follow on the path.


I’m doing something wrong. I modified the path to follow and tried cleaning up the rest. But when I trace the U shape, it cuts off pieces. Any idea how I’m doing this wrong?

I tried several scenarios. Moving the path to the center of the circle, and deleting the outside wall so I could see the entire path. Both scenarios end up with the same results.

Follow me needs an unbroken path - create the u shape tube on it’s own, then merge with the rest of your model. You can do that with select all, right click and intersect with selection, or create solids and use solid tools.

as GS says, you can select all the parts of the “U” shape and “weld” ( with weld extension), and then run follow me or you can also try the follow me tool as shown. here, just drag along the path.
I cut the u shape out of the hook shape, but my version isnt like yours, but just showing the procedure.


You need to scale up the model before…

@GSTUDIOS & @whiterabbitdesigncompany that looks perfect. Going to try it today! Than you both.

@Cotty Is the scale too small to work with? I’m making a 3d print and using the exact sizes that I was going to print. Should I make the model in a larger scale and then scale down once it is how I want it?

SketchUp doesn’t create very tiny faces and the resulting gaps would prevent the model from being printable. Instead of modeling in millimeters, model in meters. The STL file you’ll export is unitless anyway. When you import it into the slicer, tell the slicer that the units are millimeters and all should work fine.

I got it working. Thanks everyone! Now I just need to adjust the size a little because it doesn’t quite fit…so close.