How do you bend a cylinder shaped object?


Hello all,
I am new to the program and trying to fit into my work place. I have having an issue with design.
I have to bend / shape a 15mm round steal bar. Then show that bar connected to another cylinder.
I can not figure out how to bend this cylinder or any object in my design.

Thanks in advance for the time


“Bending” is not a normal operation. If you want a bent cylinder, you model it in the bent condition. (It doesn’t matter if it is steel or marshmallows.)

If all you want is a bent bar with constant cross-section, use Follow Me.

If the bar has a variable cross-section, see this other discussion: Modeling a trumpet style tube



Hi Brian,

When you draw any circular surface, select the 2 point arc tool to draw an arc in the direction you want your “bend to go.” Then select the follow-me tool, click and hold your left mouse button on the surface and “drag” along the arc that you drew. Hope this helps.