Making circle/holes with push pull through a piece


Did a bit of research on this and tried the tips i’ve watched on youtube and on here, but I am somehow still not getting it to work. Yes, I’m new at sketchup and still learning, only a week in (sorry.)

Problem is if you look at screenshot below, it shows the underside of my part, when i make a circle on the “top” view of this part and try to “push” through it to create a hole/punch through it, it doesn’t go through the part, and just keeps extending the bottom side into a cylinder. What am i doing wrong? I need to make a “through” hole in this, a couple of them, the tops will be different size holes than the bottom will be with material in between them for the offset, but right now i just want to figure out how to make the dang hole. Thanks.


You just aren’t moving on to the next step. After extruding the hole beyond the curved bottom surface, use Intersect Face to create and intersection and then select and delete the unneeded faces.

This was an awesome tip Dave. I can’t think you enough for helping me with the frustration I was having with that. It worked.

Now i see what you are doing in your drawing you made an example of for me, I need to do that operation to the bottom side where you are extruding through. Once the hole is there I need to recess a bigger hole around that smaller hole under neath. To clarify what I’m doing that extruded hole is “6mm” and a toggle switch will be pushed into it from undernearth; where the problem lies is the base of the toggle switch is “10mm” and needs a bigger recessed hold on the bottom/curve. Make sense?

Yes, that makes sense. I can’t make a GIF example right now like the one above but there are a couple of ways to approach it. One way would be to draw a “stepped drill bit”. Place it in the right location and use Intersect faces as before. Then delete the drill bit leaving the counterbored hole.


I got the top to “bore” in the depth I needed

this is where I’m at right now for the bottom, I tried to create that step drill you talked about but can’t visualize how to push it into the piece, etc

Give me about 45 minutes to get home from work and we’ll connect so I can show you.

No hurry, just want to be sure i’m clarifying/explaining well enough for you to lend a hand. I’m almost done w this piece after that pretty much, then I will convert it and end up with a G Code file for CNC.

Check your PMs.