Drawing holes help and advise please


I am trying to draw the attached part and trying to draw a hole .
have watched several videos on you tube that say use push pull and when you punch through the other side you get a blue speckled pattern then release the mouse button.

upto now I think I have done this once is there an easy way to do this ? what am I doing wrong

I am using SketchUp Make 2015 User, Pro Trial



there are many different techniques, I would draw a 2D shape with the holes, then push pull the face. so as to create the solid with the holes in one move
then place a hole on the edge, push it the required depth (push any amount, then type the correct depth) then select the whole hole and use the move tool, control to copy then array to place the position of the array of holes, you will note that the cutter does not copy first time, but select the fist hole again and repeat the copy array, then delete the infilled tops.


Some excellent advice from pcmoor there, but just to reiterate it’s all about understanding inferencing.

The Blue specked pattern you refer to is quite accurate but it probably helps to know what causes it.
It is what happens when two faces try to occupy the same place, known as Z-fighting. It can be a problem in other circumstances but in this case it is showing you that you have pushed the top face to the point at which it is "coincident’ with the bottom face and as such will remove it.

So the other way of looking at that is, move the tool to that point and let it cut.
As the little gif shows, you can move the tool away and ‘inference’ it to an edge to make it work for you.


Thanks guys will have a go with that .

I have another question , i am trying to make a recessed hole to fit a socket cap screw .
How do i do this ? if i use push pull tool i get the recessed bit on the underside of my part



Click through the Scenes in the attached model file for ideas.

Plate Layout.skp (352.4 KB)