How do I make a hole in a model using Push/Pull

I am a novice at Sketchup and learning as I go… But there is something that I can’t quite grasp and I am wondering if I am over complicated this.

Lets say I am making a washer… I first draw a circle, and then “push” it to the thickness I want… Then i draw another circle for the ‘hole’… When I ‘pull’ this down to the edge, the circle goes a funny texture and if I select this, I get a hole.

And this works fine… BUT… I am now starting to make more complex models, and last night I struggled to “pull” a hole… I just couldn’t find a point where I could trigger this “funny” texture.

I tried pulling the hole right through the model into a tube and then using the eraser, but I could not find a way to make a hole.

Is there something obvious I am missing here?

Thanks in advance and sorry asking what I am sure is such a simple question


Hi Jon, I am thinking you cant get the face to break through when pulling from what you say . If you upload a file this will help us sort this . It may require intersecting and if so i enclose a video to help. For pushed /pulled holes, the faces *must be parallel to create a hole.


To be honest, I am not sure if I can re-create this again… I generally have no problems cutting holes this way, but last night I simply could not find the “edge” to get the texture to change to the ‘funny’ effect.

It was a very simple model which had no curves.

I just wonder if I am going about this the wrong way… Is there any other way to cut the hole… I was hoping that I could use the eraser to do it, but I kept deleting random bits of the model instead.


When you make an example and make a cube with the push pull the are always parallel , and so you will always get the funny effect as you call it. If you want to get this hole through faces that are not parallel then you have to intersect . So just pull your tube for example past the unparalleled face and then select all the model and right click and intersect with selection .You can know erase the faces you do not require to create your hole .
The video explains this .


Cheers… I will watch the video for sure, but I still think I am missing something obvious.

I just created a large ‘brick’ and then in the middle a circle cut 1/2 they through (leaving a crater)… And then inside that crater, I made some circles and pushed them through, finding the spot where I got the “Funny texture” and made a hole.

But then as an experiment I turned the model over and tried to do this from the bottom, and can’t make a hole… I have seen the ‘funny texture’ flash a few times as I move the cursor around, but I can’t find the spot.

In cases, like this I would just assume there is an easier/better way to cut the hole and wonder if your video will explain that… So I will watch with interest.



The bit you are missing is the inference to the edge.
Th funny colour is z-fighting, when two faces fight to be in the same space.
So by using the edge to inference the push to, you get the hole.

Cheers… I have no problem doing simple models like you see in your video… But was struggling to do it when I had a few more edges…

In the case that I tried this morning. I was pushing the whole from the BOTTOM of the model and couldn’t find the ‘edge’ to interfere too, so could never make the hole.

I just started to think that there must be another way to do it…