Strange behaviour when trying to push through a shape


I have created a wall with two angles. In the centre I have space for where a window will go but I am experiencing problems when trying to push through the hole. Starting from the front is fine but it goes all weird and strange at the back where it meets the angles. I have tried to delete extra faces and lines that gets created but that invariably breaks my model in that I end up with a part wireframe which I don’t know how to fix. I would be really grateful if anyone could suggest a way of punching trough the whole in the wall.


This is the actual model.


I assumed your PushPull looks like the one with the ‘blue’ faces - if you continue through the form somewhat…

If you Select those extruded ‘blue’ faces and use the Context-menu to Intersect those with the Model… then you can delete the unwanted Edges/Faces as shown in the foremost example…

You can’t PushPull a rectangular hole, unless the back-face of the form through which you are attempting the extrusion has a single face on its ‘back’ to accept the opposite ‘hole’ - if it has you get a simple rectangular hole with parallel reveals…
If it doesn’t, then the best you can do is an extruded ‘box’ passing through the back face, but without an automatic intersection.
But then you can intersect that with the form, and then delete any unwanted geometry to form the equivalent ‘hole’ - albeit with more complex reveals…


You need to draw the lines on the interior part of the wall and then push the window. As you can see the inner wall width is smaller than the exterior wall.
When you push the bigger surface it meets just a part of it with the inner wall.
That if you want the window to match the smaller inner wall, otherwise what TIG said.


actually that’s a .png of the .skp from one view…

if you attach the actual model .skp file then people may make some gif’s to show different approaches…



Example.skp (161.8 KB)

I have now attached the model and not just a picture of it.



As described above, push through the wall, then select and right click, intersect faces with selection and delete the bits you don’t want.


Thank you very much for all the replies. It has been really helpful and I were pleasantly surprised at the quality and speed of the replies. @Box was wondering what software you used to make the recording. Thank you very much for the video as it helped me to easily follow and do what you did. @TIG thank you for your reply, the technical language you used will help me to better explain a problem next time.