Why can't I push corner past hole in block?

Here is a example of what I’m talking about.

I know that I can achieve the same results by doing it this way with two objects and using Intersect Faces>With Selection and delete the parts I don’t want from there.

Not sure if there is a easier way or if there is something that will let me simply keep pushing the corner past the hole as I was trying to do in the first gif.


Push/Pull stops if you run into something like the side of the hole. Try this instead, though. Hit Ctrl before starting the Push/Pull. Then extrude to the other end. Use Intersect Faces to create an intersection where the extrusion passes through the side of the hole and delete the waste.

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Like this?

Ok, not sure here if I have to select all the faces one by one like I had been doing before I select Intersect Faces>With Selection and then delete each face one by one. Just like I had been doing or are you saying it’s a lot less steps then that?

Here is my model if you would be so kind to show me, thanks.

test.skp (1.1 MB)

You could just push the face to the opposite end. You don’t need to go any further. Then select all of the geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Model or With Selection. Macht nichts in this case.

Or like this. I changed the order slightly so you could see where the intersections need to get made.

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Very nice! I got it now, thank you very much!