Trouble keeping wall parallel

I use push/pull to make walls in my floorplan, however if I delete a line after I have push/pulled an opening for a window, the wall will not intersect the hole when I put the line back. When I select the face, the face inside the lines for the hole is included with the rest of the face of the wall.

With careful modeling, it ought to work the way you expect. So, I have to conclude that in one way or another you have gotten things slightly askew. If you can upload your model, people here can take a look and advise you regarding what is wrong - though since we weren’t looking over your shoulder we may not be able to tell you exactly when you erred. The most common cause is not paying adequate attention to SketchUp inferences while creating the model.

Thank you I will upload an example. I made a rectangle then offset it, then
I used the push/pull tool to pull up the walls of the room. I made a
rectangle in one wall and then used the push/pull tool to push the hole
through both faces of the wall. Then I erased the top line of the wall.
When I put it back, the lines of the hole are part of the larger face. This
is the problem I am having with all my attempts to model a house. When I
uploaded the example, I left everything as it was, I did not simplify the
model, just in case there was something there.

I named the example (example of problem)

OK, given your description, I can reproduce what you observed. When you deleted the edge you necessarily deleted the adjacent face because a face can’t exist without edges. Then when you redrew the edge, SketchUp regenerated the face but it didn’t detect that the edges of the window should cut the face. This probably shouldn’t happen that way, but is easy to fix: also redraw one of the edges of the window and then delete the face that closes it.

If you use a thick Profile line (see Styles > Edit > Edges), say 2 or 3 pixels, edges that fail to cut a face will be conspicuously darker than those that do.


Thank you, that seems to be a work around. There was another situation a
while back where I was having the same trouble trying to cut a hole for a
fireplace but I worked around it. If it comes up again I will get back to
the forum.

I think I will try the thick Profile lines on my house and see what it
shows. That will have to be later though, I am getting ready to go on a



There is a distinct Purple tinge or perhaps one might say Haze to this thread now.

I am having trouble with lines not closing again. I want to pull up these two lines to make a wall, but the line does not close the face.

Here is the model1st Floor trouble.skp (134.0 KB)

The heavy profile edge in the middle of the face should alert you to the fact that one end is not attached. Zoom in at the end to the right in your screen shot and you’ll see that it ends at a guideline that is not on the wall. I show that edge selected here.

If you draw that line correctly so it terminates at the edge between the floor and wall, you can then pull the face between the two edges up.

Make it a practice to zoom in close when things don’t go exactly as you think. Look for the details.

You would probably find it much easier to work if you turn off endpoints and extensions in your style, too. They tend to mask these little problems making it hard to find them.

Also note that the edge at the bottom of the wall is not red. If you intend that wall to be parallel to the red axis, it isn’t. I’ve shown the coordinates for the two endpoints. If the floor is supposed to be flat and level, the Z-values should be identical. They clearly aren’t. These little errors will cause you difficulties as you work so you need to be diligent and fix errors as you go.

How do I turn off endpoints and extensions, and what are they?

Thank you for your help. I will have to watch my details.

How do I show coordinates like that?

Look under the edit tab in Styles. Untick the boxes in the Edge settings.

Tools>Text. Click the endpoints or intersections.