Push/Pull won't cut

New to SketchUp and for my uni project we had to take existing plans of buildings and turn into something different, obviously keeping exterior the same. I was struggling to create windows with the Push/Pull tool and read that it won’t work if theyre not parallel. The building I am using is victorian and the walls aren’t all parallel, is there any way I can use the push/pull tool or something similar to create windows?

The most common reason for what you are seeing is indeed that the inside and outside faces aren’t parallel and that is a requirement to get the opening cut with Push/Pull.

You can push through well beyond the opposite face, select the geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection and then erase what isn’t the wall.

Push, Intersect, After erasing what isn’t the wall.

Thank you for the reply - when i right click on intersect it only comes up with ‘With Model’ ? does this do the same thing?

Did you select all of the geometry of the wall and the extruded rectangle first? If there’s nothing selected, Intersect Faces won’t show With Selected.

Yeah I did, It’s still not working probably something I’ve done wrong along the way. Thanks for your help tho

Like this?

Note that @DaveR is working with a model he created based on what you described, not with your own model. There could be differences in how things work due to differences in how you built your model vs what he did. We can eliminate that question if you can share your model .skp file.

The most common problem using “Intersect Faces with” is not understanding how the operation interacts with model “contexts”, that is, whether the geometry is loose in the model, is in a component, or is in a group. Intersect always puts new edges into whatever context is active (i.e. open for edit) at the time, even if you choose intersect with model or with selection. So, if the wall is grouped and that group isn’t open for edit, the intersection won’t cut the group.

Ground Floor.skp (1.2 MB)

Uploaded above. May be loads wrong with it as first time proper using sketchUp. Thanks for the help

Well, your model has a lot that needs to be fixed. Where are you trying to punch the window opening through?

I just picked a likely spot and added a hole.

FWIW, I started the cleanup on your model.

Fixed incorrect tag usage:
Screenshot - 11_3_2020 , 1_32_00 PM

Purged unused stuff:
Screenshot - 11_3_2020 , 1_32_16 PM

Ran CleanUp3:
Screenshot - 11_3_2020 , 1_32_35 PM

There are still a lot of reversed faces and some other stuff to fix. I wonder how important it is in the Sketchup model to model all the odd little details that have accumulated in the building over the years. Just as those things would make working in the real building a pain, it’ll be a huge pain and a time sink in SketchUp. And in SketchUp there may not be a whole lot of return on the investment.

Here I’ve cleaned up the reversed faces on your walls. It wouldn’t hurt to learn about and use groups and components to isolate geometry.
Ground Floor. cleanedskp.skp (1.1 MB)

Thank you. Yeah I don’t really have a clue about any of this, I’ll try and read up about groups and components.

You might want to take some time to go through the Fundamentals here.