Push or Cut in angled surface




A big thank you for the support I have had so far, this is a great community.

Some facts:

  1. I am a newbie to 3D modelling.
  2. The model I am drawing is a “real thing” and is drawn at real life measurements.
  3. The end item will be scaled down, exported to STL and 3D printed and used in a diorama.

Attached is how far I have gotten so far.

Tarawa Steel Bunker-C-05.skp (1.2 MB)

I need to push/cut a door into one of the larger sides, lets say side 1, and then push/cut windows in sides 3 and 5 and a small viewing slot in side 4.

I can draw the rectangle for the door and use normal push/pull tool to push it but of course it pushes on the angle and then protrudes out the bottom of the model as per the following screen cut.

With the windows one added complexity is that they need to push back parallel to the base of the model, not on an angle like the door.

One method may solve both issues. I have tried the Fredo6 JointPushPull tools but failed in achieving my goals.

Thanks in advance for any guidance provided.



One way would be to create a box the size of your opening and deep enough to work, make it a group, and then move it into place and use Solid Tools Trim to cut the opening. Then delete the box.



If outer and inner faces are parallel, then push/pull works to cut the opening for you if you end the operation on the second face. Push/pull works perpendicular to the starting face. (At an angle here, as you mentioned).

The window recrangle can be copied horizontally to the inner face of your structure. Then connect its corners with the corresponding corners of its parent rectangle with the ‘Line’ tool (in X-ray face style). Then delete the two rectanguler faces.


Thanks for the replies, door solved, now onto the windows.


I agree with @g.h.hubers, this would be much easyer if the outer and inner walls are parallel.
I don’t know if they should be or not but its doable with native tools. I (again) want to advice you to try this without plugins. It will make you a better drawer! The door just needs a little cleanup after intersecting with model. the same goes for the windows: draw rectangle, pushpull inwards beyond inner wall, intersect with inner wall, Cleanup extra geometry, create horizontal guideline from upper outside corner, select inner square and move up to the guideline, done.


@simoncbevans: This would only work if the OP has the pro version.


Good point and of course his profile is incomplete so we don’t know.


It helps to understand the very basics of the tools and geometry, nothing fancy, just removing parts and connecting edges.


I could open his skp.file so it isnt 2018pro or he must have backsaved it…


@kencoleau, the inner face of the wall is not parallel to the outside, and this creates some problems when you try to use “Pushpull tool”.

And you don’t need that “precision”, 6 digits is useless.

And if you want to learn basic ways with standard tools, then you have another option:


@Box: How do you move/copy the outer square to the non-parallel inner wall and have it lie flat on the inner wall face?? I tried but nocando over here…


@kencoleau, you can draw what you have in this way, and you’re sure the two sides of the wall are parallel. Only with standard tools.


It’s possible, with copy and move


I tried to move it by the cornerpoint, doesnt lie flat.
now tried by midpoint, does lie flat… ?
Any clues why?
Maybe a Cardinal point thing?


For me it works on any of the faces, so you probably you missed something in the process.

In SketchUp Make, but this dosen’t matter.


I am using 2017 not pro what ever that is called.


You can put all that info in your profile. It helps us to give you better answers!
Btw, pro is the professional payed version. If yours was free it’s Make.


@mihai.s: it works for me too now, but only if i start copy/moving from a midpoint! I can’t make it work from an endpoint.


Similar to what I suggested in my first response but without needing Solid Tools. I like it.