Installing doors and windows for openings

I’ve been unable to cut out openings in the models or items downloaded from 3 D warehouse. When trying to cut a hole in one of the walls of a box, I been using the rectangle or circle tool to outline the shape and size of the window or door opening, then use the push pull tool and according to the Fundamentals module in the library, in the “circles” module. The only result I get is a cylinder with no opening on the other side of the wall, instead of a clean cut hole. The video in the module says that “on surface inference” or “blue rectangle inference” should indicate with the push pull tool when the opening is complete. And the result is a cylinder with no opening. thanks for any help

Pictures are worth many words, Videos are better. The Learning Center is by Sketchup people. Also go to the Sketchup channel on You Tube. These should get you going and answer many future questions.

Another issue to note, is that you mention you have downloaded a model from 3D Warehouse.

This is a yellow flag.

One possible scenario is the two outer faces of the wall you are trying to cut an opening in are not parallel. In order for push/pull for to work for your objective, the two faces must be parallel.

Maybe try creating your own “test” wall, to eliminate the 3D Warehouse model variable.

I attached a copy of the shape of the box with predrawn circle and square. The box is empty for simplification, but the idea is for a house. All that is needed is to cut a hole and square through the wall. This should be pretty basic and simple. Yet I have spent weeks trying to figure this out. I’ve used the video on the library knowledge base (in the "fundamentals"category and “Quick Start” sub-category and used the same procedures and doesn’t work. Why can’t cutting out holes in walls from 3D warehouse models be done? I’m using the models to add to my project and need to modify them too. thanks
Please attached example of the shape I’m trying to cut a hole in. eval.skp (336.9 KB)

I’ve already checked the library knowledge base, thanks

These are not library links, they are videos as to HOW to do various operations and the basics that trip up most people.

do you know which tools to use?

As I said the basics, first open the item for editing, it is a group. At that point the PPtool will work. To go through both surfaces, make a cutter and use intersect faces.

thanks, did you see the attached example I uploaded? The editing , then group. And the Push pull tool will be used. I didn’t know “intersect faces” were part of it. But thanks I’ll try the push pull and the intersect faces to see if that works.

Yes I did


Intersect faces is another way to achieve the same goal.

when you see how I tried to open one of the shapes, it left only a cylinder. I tried to use the “intersect faces”. When checking Intersection face" I receive the message “no intersection” found between selection set and rest of the model"

Again, I thought using the rectangle tool and push/pull tool would be enough to make a hole in the wall, as in the example provided.

eval.skp (338.1 KB)

See these videos;
(58) SketchUp Training Series: Push Pull tool - YouTube
(58) Push/Pull - Square One - YouTube
(58) Push/Pull Tip in SketchUp - YouTube

All are about push pull

Thanks again for the nice videos. As mentioned, I’ve been through a lot of the modules in the library base and couldn’t find only one short lecture on the cutting holes topic. But I see from the videos you sent covers this with more options.
I should be able to successfully figure it out,

Videos about intersect faces:

(58) Intersect with model, context or selection - Skill Builder - YouTube
(58) SketchUp Training Series: Intersect with Model - YouTube.

Please note all of these are on the Sketch up You Tube channel.

Thanks, orginally I thought the library base was the primary resource. I know there were videos on youtube, but didn’t know if they are organized like the library in trying to find any topic when needing it right away.

Now I know the videos are on the Sketchup link.

Your file won’t open - says it’s invalid.

Sorry, I’ll try to send it again under a new file in a moment. However, I think I may have figured it out. But will send it anyway for reference.

I attached a new file with the same sample. As seen I tried to open with the push pull tool and the geometry only continues indifinitely without creating a clean opening on the other side of the wall. I’m sure with practice I’ll get it right. But one video tutorial says to click once on the pushpull tool then drag it through the opening, while referencing the other side of the wall’s edge and stop there and click again to complete the opening, which I’ve done. But now that I’ve seen some videos from the other suggestions and your suggestions as well I should be able to get right soon. thanks

eval.skp (338.1 KB)