Adding windows from 3D warehouse

Hi All- I made a model of the house I’ll be adding a porch to and customers are considering changing windows. I may have boxed myself into a corner here… I just made the basic shape of the building by making boxes with push/pull and then adding the roof shapes on top, so walls have no thickness. When I try to add the window shown from the 3d warehouse where the guidelines indicate, it disappears into the cube. When I draw a rough opening and push/pull it for the window to have something to set inside, the pane on left that opens in disappears. Is there a simple way to place window examples on the model I’m showing, or have I not set it up right to do so? Thanksrosso porch v1.3 windows~.skp (10.5 MB)

I usually cut the window openings … then add the window components.

Thanks for that. Not sure how you did that. I was attempting to cut a hole in the face of the north wing under the porch, selecting that group, drawing a rectangle and pushing it to the back face using xray mode but when I did this I kept getting extra geometry and I didn’t get a clean hole like the ones you did here. I’m checking out vids on cutting holes in objects and taking another run at this. Any hints are appreciated!

I changed the title of your thread to make sense. You can’t get windows from the Extension Warehouse.

Thanks, Dave.

I used to think you couldn’t get windows from a software developer. And then Bill Gates happened.


Wrong tool for the job. Edit the group, draw the rectangle for the opening. Select the inside of the rectangle and delete it. Move the window in place.

Spend some time at The learning Center. This is by the Sketchup Team. Lots of good info on the basics.

Thanks for the reminder.

This is also a great vid on the topic

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