Help with 3D Warehouse inserting window into building

I am trying to add a window from 3D Warehouse into my building and it wont work

What do you mean it won’t work? You need to provide some details. What window component? Where are you trying to insert it? What happens exactly when you try? What are you expecting to happen that doesn’t? Help us help you.

I am inserting a window into my building. I am able to upload it but it wont combine with my existing building if that makes sense. I cannot get it to where I can see into the building from the window.

So the window shows up when you import it? It just doesn’t create an opening? Could you share the SKP file and provide the link to the window? There are several possibilities.

it can be any window , as long as someone helps me figure it out. I have tried multiple windows from 3D Warehouse.

how do I upload the SKP file? I try and do it and it says its too big

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse and give the link.

The window you have on that wall to the left of the door hasn’t got any gluing or cutting attributes set.

Before you move along any further you should fix the reversed faces.

and how do I do that ?

How do you do what? Reverse the faces? Select them and choose Reverse Faces from the Context menu.