Can't Insert Windows or Doors from 3Dwarehouse and have them cut

Hey guys!

I’m new to sketchup and trying to do something that I swear should be simple–insert doors and windows into a model and have them cut through my walls. However, when I import any window or door from the warehouse it doesn’t allow me to do anything about it. I can edit component via right click, but in the section of edit the component window has it has “cut opening” “glue to” etc, all greyed out and doesn’t allow me to alter any of it.

To be clear, these are not components I am making and I have tried multiple different versions and just no idea. upload option.skp (1.4 MB)

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’m going insane trying to figure it out. In theory I’ve attached the file, but obviously tech and I do not get along.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Two things.

  1. A component with hole cutting properties can only cut one face. Your walls have an inside face as well as an outside face. You’ll need to remove the inner one to get the hole all the way to the inside.

  2. You need to open the wall group so you have direct access to the face before inserting the Window component.

Before you get too far along in your modeling you should correct the face orientation. Blue faces indicate the faces are reversed. Right click on those faces and choose Reverse Faces to correct them. You should make it a habit to correct the face orientation as you go when you have reversed faces. Do your modeling and make sure it’s correct before you add materials.