Component Cut Opening

I have created a window component for my model. Saved the window as glue to vertical and cut opening. When placed in my model the component does not cut an opening in the wall. The wall surfaces remain intact. Wondering how to make this work properly. Thank you.

Untitled.pdf (589.3 KB)

Share the SketchUp model instead. There’s so much that isn’t communicated in an image.

Also keep in mind that a hole-cutting component will only cut through one face.

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Here it is.Condo.skp (824.6 KB)

You have the axes set incorrectly so the window won’t cut the opening you want. Look at the way they are set in the screen shot. Again, the hole cutting property only works on one face so it won’t cut through both inside and outside faces.There are extensions that can help, though.

After deleting the inside face:

FWIW, you aren’t using tags/layers correctly. ALL edges and faces should be created as Untagged/Layer 0 and only components and groups get other tags/layers.

It would be helpful if you complete your profile with the SketchUp version and license type. It makes it easier to help you.

Thanks Dave, Very Helpful,

Question about Tags. I have the ceiling & floors on separate tags to easily create viewable work spaces. How should I manage those issues? Hide?

You should put the geometry for the ceiling and floors in groups and then tag the groups.Same with the walls and other stuff. Only the groups/components get tagged.

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Tried changing the axes of the window but cannot get your results. I’m not understanding why I want to make the blue axis horizontal. Cannot get the blue axis going the direction depicted. Cannot find anything in the help section about changing the axis of a component. Can you recommend a video to watch on this subject? Thank you.

The gluing plane for components is shown as the red/green plane. Determine where you want that plane to fall on the window and set a guideline along the bottom to guide the placement of the red axis. Right click on the component and choose Change Axes. Click to set the origin, then the red axis along the bottom and the green up the side.