Editing a downloaded component to add a cutting edge

I am fairly new to sketchup and I have a lot of trouble understanding cutting faces and all that jazz. I have downloaded a few different doors and windows to add to my model and some of them cut and some don’t. I would like all of them to cut so my model is uniform. For the windows and doors that don’t cut, how can I modify them to do so? I have tried editing the component and creating a new component out of it and choosing a new cut face and an axis to apply it to but when I add it to my model it doesn’t work. I am just trying to cut through a single face, not a full wall or solid or anything. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Please provide the url(s) for the specific component(s) in question.


Here is one that I’m working on implementing right now. I don’t know how to get you the link through the 3d warehouse but here is the file. Sliding door.skp (85.8 KB)

It is always easiest to create hole-cutting components by first creating a large face, and to use that as the “base plane” when creating it.

The storefront you posted has some fundamental flaws that could be repaired:

  • the component axes were skewed
  • a cutting component uses its red-green (xy) plane as the cutting plane so windows and doors must be modelled lying on their back with the front facing up.
  • a cutting component must have a closed loop of edges on the red-green plane to define the shape of the opening to be cut.
    Try the attached.


Sliding_door_2.skp (40.8 KB)

That worked. Thank you. With your third comment, what exactly are you trying to say? You made it seem like the front face has to be completed closed with no offset components but this component has the doors offset. I’m a little confused by it.

If you make a door or a window out of separate groups or subcomponents, as in your example, it won’t cut a hole. The hole cannot be grouped, it has to be separate edges.