How to activate the cutting feature on an existing component

How can I make a window that I download from the Warehouse that does not cut through the wall, cut through?

You need to select it and choose to edit in the Component browser, adjust the settings then change the axis if needed.

I cannot figure how to change the settings

All the settings in the Edit box are grey

You need to select the component in the browser for the edit options to become available.

Cutting option

Sorry, I got distracted trying to change the axis. It is laying down when I bring the window into the model and I cannot seem to get it to stand up.

Attach the component.

9’ x 5’ Dark Grey Windows.skp (29.4 KB)

Once you have set the cut option, at the point in my gif where I delete the original, try dragging a new instance of the window onto a vertical face.

Like this.
GIF 27-02-2022 11-02-51 PM

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Yes, I can get it to do that. Is there a way to get it to come into the model where it is standing up? When I bring it into the model to edit it, I have to rotate it to get it to stand up so that I can see it right. This is a trouble I have with many windows from the Warehouse. I have to rotate it to get it to stand up before I can really edit it.

If you open the actual component file and rotate it into the correct position, then save the file and import the component it will be upright.

The best way to model doors and windows that cut an opening is to model them either flat on the ground or then directly on a vertical face. That way the component axis will be automatically right. When placed, the component red/green (xy) plane will align to the wall face and a hole is cut if there is a closed loop of edges on the red/green plane.


thanks that worked

I think many people model windows flat on the ground and then when I bring them into my model they are still laying down. I try to model my windows on a vertical surface.

So now when you add the cutting option, you also have to move the axis back.

Have a look at this too for getting components to attach to different surface.