Component glue failure

Hi everybody. I have made a componet of a door leading to a room. Options set as follows:
glue = any
cut opening = checked
replace selection with component = checked (in fact I don’t know what this does)
When I try to place the component on a wall I ger the message “you cannot place component here”, the door gets glued onto the wall, but no opening is cut.
What I am doing wrong?
See model at ΝΟΣΟΚΟΜΕΊΟ 3D-0 upload.skp - Google Drive
Thanks in advance

What extension do you use to cut through both faces?


you should also purge your model (window > model info > statistics > purge model)
there were 2000+ components definition and it went from 197Mo to 2,67 Mo

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Thanks for your reply.
I use the good old push/pull button that works perfectly, then I add the door. When I make the whole a component I check “Glue to any”, “Cut opening”, and “Replace selection…”

You are absolutely right! I did. Thanks.

You need to change the orientation of the axes (red-green in the cutting plane) and add a border cut, but it will only cut through one face. To cut through the wall (two faces), you will need an extension.

You can also change the orientation of the axes by right-clicking > Change Axes, then Alt for Alternate axes orientation.