Window components not cutting a hole in wall

Hi there

I’m making a house in sketch up. I usually make the walls then copy them, lay them flat and laser cut them. I have never really used components before but I have a lot of windows repeating so I have used them this time, copied the window components and put them on the wall where I want them. The problem is, they are not making a hole in the wall. I have cut opening selected in the component options but when I select the wall, copy it then paste it again, the hole isn’t there.

Does anyone know how I can create the hole? I have been tracing around the window with the line tool but it doesn’t always work because I don’t think I always get the angle perfect on the wall for some reason so the more tricky part, the arch on top of the window doesn’t copy.


Cut opening only works for a single face and if the walls are a group or component, the windows must be placed inside that group/component wrapper.

It would be easier to answer your questions exactly if you’d share the SKP file or at least part of it that shows the problem.

With ur question i have viewed is

with the extension hole punch tool u can.

Hole punching would change my sketchup life! I have installed it and it is there as an option but when I follow along with the you tube video on how to use it, select the component (which is set to glue to vertical and cut opening like the video) it says ‘No Suitable Punching Component(s) Selected. Exiting.’ Have you come across that Atek?