Creating a Window as a component won't sit inside deep wall

I am fairly new to sketchup and have already created quite a complicated house layout. however I am now trying to make all my windows into “components”. I’ve followed a couple of tutorials and not had a problem. However I want to make a window component which I can place into a 600mm deep wall. All the examples I have found just place the create component into a single skin flat wall. If I just create a simple rectangle,erase the centre and then select all lines and make component, checking the cut holes option it doesn’t cut through the inner face of the wall only the outer face. (no real suprise) If I create the window using Push/Pull to get a 3d opening, then select all the lines of the op ening inside and out, create a component and then try to place it … it does not sit inside the wall and thus creating a hole… its sits on the outer face… then refuses to allow me to sink it into the wall with the move tool… I’ve attached a screen shot of the second try above…

any help appreciated…


driving me slightly mad… I know it’s simple but can’t seem to get the right solution.

A Csaba classical…

It depends on the number of windows and there locations. There is a plugin called “1001 bit tool” that has a button to create openings, one to create a window frame and one to create divisions in the frame.

Personally I make the hole in the wall then put a window frame in the hole (the frame being a component, the hole not). To copy it, I just select the window & the faces making up the hole and copy it (either with [ctrl+move] or [ctrl+x],[ctrl+v] but this pasting it can result in geometry not cutting openings when it should - having to draw over the cutting lines again to define the ‘holes’ from the ‘walls’.

If it was me, (and I had made the component that cuts one face), I would then simply go inside, select the wall, draw a rectangle over the opening (snapping to the inside component lines) and then delete the opening.

When creating cut opening components pay close attention to the axes/cutting plane location and orientation.