How to delete hole in wall?


I am doing transparent windows in a wall. I have did one window, then I have made a frame in the wall and deleted the face to make it fully transparent window. However when I have duplicated the window, I cannot select and delete the faces of the wall which should be the holes. First when I click, it selects the window. I can reparent the windows to different level and then I try to click the hole. But frame 2, 3 and 4 still are not part of the window so when I click on the area where holes should be made, I cannot select it.WW.skp (66.2 KB)


Your 2nd frame (rectangle) is 25mm, 3rd is 50mm, 4th is 75mm away from your wall.
If you’re trying to copy your first frame, try to lock & move it in axes (X,Y,Z) with arrow keys.

I don’t know what you’re working on but if you’re working interiors, i recommend you to change your units to CM
Window > Model Info > Units


Thank you. Now corrected.


When you have some time to research, check out Components and the option to automatically cut a hole in the wall as you move a window. Components can also automatically stick to surfaces which can help this too. There are some decent hole cutting windows already available for download to play with. Happy SketchUping!


Thank you. I have found Edit - “Alignment” - Glue to … Cut opening … But it seems I need to insert the component, or can I edit options of component which is already in model?


Cool, you are on your way! You cannot edit an existing instance of the component to cut as the “cutting” is applied when the component is first placed. So once you have “component window-glue to vert-cut opening” all set you will need to place a new instance of the window to see it cut, all subsequent instances will cut. If you hit a snag check the axes inside the window component, it’s a common mistake. The blue axis needs to be perpendicular to the “glass” or opening you want to cut in order to tell SkUp which face to use, it’s an easy one to overlook and without it you won’t get a cut. You can change the axis inside the component while it’s being edited with the axis tool or you can build a new window “flat” on the ground before you make it a component then rotate it 90 after to end up with a component that has the blue axis pointing away from the face. Different skinnings of the same cat.

Check out this link for FAQ


can you check it?wall2.skp (64.0 KB)

When I duplicate the small window it will not cut any opening.

It does not cut a hole to wall but it is a component.

Ok, I have found the problem. So when I created the window, I have created a face inside the frame of the window, I have created component, and then I had drawn a frame of hole and deleted the side. Because the side of the original wall was deleted, the cutting function was not available in the cloned window models. So correction is to follow this: fix the wall (fill the hole with a face), delete the window’s wall, then to select the window model with a window frame, then intersect with model, and then fill the wall’s hole with a semitransparent texture. Then to create the component.

Another thing I had to do is to explode the window component after it has been corrected and make it new component. The old component did not cut the face even when it has been corrected. But when I have explode it, it corrected.


@endlessfix: Currently I am struggling with this:

test.skp (66.4 KB)

I am trying two things: 1) I try to move the selected component on the blue axis to shift it into the yellow surface. No success 2) I tried to make the hollow into the yellow surface - I have placed “hollow” component into “next block” group and I have successfully move it there but the surface was not cut… Why?


Hey Barracuda, Sorry I was out for a few days. I took a look at your first model and you were very close. I fixed your cutting window with a few simple steps:

I opened the window component you had made in the model to edit by double clicking on it, once inside the window component I reset the axis using the axis tool from the large tool set.

I reset the component axis to be green “up” and blue “out” away from the face of the window. Remember blue is perpendicular to the face skup will use to cut a hole. I did this by choosing a free corner of the window frame and clicking, then arranging the axis as I wanted and clicking for each of the directions to set them. Try it, it will become clear. Remember to set the axis from one of the “back” corners of your window frame relief, so that skup knows to put that back side on the wall with the relief sticking out, if you set the axis from a front corner skup will try to glue that face to the wall and bury your frame relief in the wall.

Then leave Edit by clicking outside the edit area, a dialogue box will appear asking if you want to apply these axis changes to every future instance of the component… just like when someone asks you if you are a god… say Yes.

From then on each new instance you place of this component should cut. Note that you cannot cut a hole in a closed component by laying another on top of it, you must be editing the wall component and placing the window inside that component “nested” as we say for it to cut. Like I say you were very close. Hope this helps.

Rileywall2 EDIT.skp (81.1 KB)


Hey @endlessfix

In the post I have written: “Another thing I had to do is to explode the window component after it has been corrected and make it new component. The old component did not cut the face even when it has been corrected. But when I have explode it, it corrected.” Sorry I was not that clear, but I have solved the problem that day. So the windows works.

Then the current question (23 hours ago) having image with yellow wall. I am trying to find out why it is not transparent hole in the wall. I have checked the axis. Also trying to find out why the selected component is not possible to move over the wall.

My version SU8.


I see, well there are a couple of things going on here. The window component you have set up IS successfully cutting a hole in the wall (yea!). But, all sides of the oval window component you have here are opaque planes including the back side which is the cutting plane, so it is cutting a hole in the target plane and replacing it with the closed back window plane. If you were to make the front and back of your window transparent, or erase them, you would see that your perimeter is indeed cutting a hole.

It sounds from your last post like maybe you are trying to cut a hole through your whole “wall” which is in fact made up of two planes about .01m apart. Components can only cut a hole in one plane, so if you place the component on the outside of your two planned wall you are only cutting a hole into the interior space of your wall, through the outside plane only. Push/Pull tool might be a better fit for what you want to do, but I’m guessing at what your goal is so I can’t be sure. Am I right that you want to make a window that has thickness?


@endlessfix @filibis: Hi, I have time to come back to finish the windows. I am trying the place them but I hit this problem:

I updated the axis and the component.

Then I have added the component from the Components Window:

The new window after been inserted into wall is on incorrect side of the wall.
Am I placing the axis incorrectly?

I have solved it successfully. Just changed the axis.

How to correct cut opening?

Sweet! glad you got it sorted, sometimes the axis changes can be tricky because the placement relative to the drawing axis. And yes, the origin will become the plane for placement of the component. Nice work.


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