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Hello, I have not touched SU in a bit, and now getting reacquainted with it -I could not find an answer here, I am sure it is possible to make a window hole in a wall with a component, or a window that is downloaded from warehouse and move around the window, is this possible,? if so, can someone please give me a tip, or two,? thank you all, Craig


Welcome back! You sure can do that with Sketchup!

Here’s a quick Skill Bulder for a little while back:


Thank you Aaron, for your quick reply. I wasn’t clear on my request, my fault; first of all, the video, doesn’t show thickness in the wall, which I do know how to do; if I create my “house”, with wall thickness, etc, can I download a window from the warehouse, and use that to “create” a window for my wall, that “cuts” through my wall, so i can see through the window, and even move it around? I just do not know if that is at all possible, thank you for your time, Craig


No. Components can only cut through a single face.

At least, to the best of my knowledge…


OK, well thank you. If, I download a window that I like from the warehouse, can you please recommend the best way to create a window hole in a wall, with thickness, and the hole can accommodate the window, perfectly,?, thanks,CZ


If you have a lot of windows - or at least several - in a continuous straight wall, I’ve found it much simpler just to draw one face of the wall first. Position the window components where you want them, or just work in the face itself.

Cut the window openings with the Rectangle tool drawn around the window, or drawn first to a know dimension and location in the wall and put the window component in afterwards. Save the wall face and window openings as a component, including the windows/doors as subcomponents.

Open the wall component for editing, then pushpull the whole face, and all the window and door embrasures will get drawn at once.

On a different tack, I seem to remember seeing a description of a plugin or perhaps just a method of drawing a window or door component, which WILL cut both faces at once, but can’t remember where or when I saw it.

As far as I understand it, a SU component set to ‘cut opening’ only works by in effect making the opening it ‘cuts’ transparent. There aren’t any edges left in the face if you delete the component, if I remember right.

[LATER] Just tried it. That seems to describe the ‘cut opening’ behaviour.

And because you can only ‘cut opening’ if you first select ‘Glue to’, you can’t even pushpull the face ‘round’ the opening - the cut opening component sticks to the face and moves with the pushpull. Result - no opening, and the window buried in the wall!


Thought I’d seen something to to this. Google found it on this forum:

Neil developed a Face Cutter extension (plugin) obtainable here:


Thank u, will check this out tomorrow, boy, the tech responses/support at this forum is first rate, I feel blessed , thank you folks😀


Thank you sir, I will try your approach, Best, CZ


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