New to Sketchup (Doors & Windows)

So I am new to sketchup and would like to ask the community for advise on how to they make windows and doors on sketchup.I know that there are doors and windows on the 3D Warehouse but i want to be creative and create my own.Because I am new I plan to use some windows and doors from the 3D Warehouse.Also if there are any videos or extensions that will be help please link them in the comments please.Thank you :grinning:

I think the creation of doors and windows depends on how you intend to use the model. That is, if you’re designing an addition to your house, then you may want to be very detailed with the doors and windows; but if you’re doing a model of a skyscraper, then the windows can be much less detailed because of the overall size of the model.
Even with the house addition, the windows and doors can be simplified if you already know who will supply the real windows and what they will look like. If it were me, I wouldn’t spend time modeling the curves on mullions and muntins, nor would I draw in the joinery. Those details probably won’t help you understand how the windows will look for real; but they add significantly to the modelling time.
Hope this helps.

If I want to create a simple 3D model of a window, this is how I do it.

Start with a rectangle describing the overall elevation size. Assume a frame width of, say, 50mm and use the Offset tool to draw an inner rectangle. Draw in mullions. Now you should have inner rectangles showing openings for sashes. You can repeat the exercise with Offset to draw sash frames. Then use Push/Pull to extrude the frames as required and to position glass. Finish by using Material to distinguish between frame and glass. Finally Select All and make it a Group or Component.

This is very simple and good enough for elevations. If you are doing joinery details, you will have to create a lot more detail.

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