House Model Update with questions on Windows & Doors

Hi there. I feel like I’m making some progress on my model. I had some trouble creating a component for my windows (I made the component, but it was too hard to work with after I pulled an instance out) so I just made it a group and copied/pasted which worked, but I’m not certain weather I am creating windows & doors correctly.

I create an opening with the rectangle tool, then used push/pull to push it through to create the opening. Then I created the windows to scale from my house plans and grouped them. Then I put them in the opening I created. the problem is that the windows look good on the front of the house, but obviously not the interior do I need to place another set of windows on the inside of the house facing in?

Thanks for looking.

Bluff_Dr_SKUP_2014.skp (3.0 MB)

openings.skp (25.5 KB)
The attached model shows a couple of approaches to using hole-cutting components in a “thick” wall.

Thank you very much for this Anssi. I was sure there was more than one way to do them. The tip on aligning in x-ray mode was very her useful. Thanks again!

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