How to cut out a opening in a wall: Shipping Container example

How do I cut walls, windows and doors out of shipping containers

I would try something like this:



Awesome! Thanks Shep!

Okay, I had to try it without help, which will help me to learn this. Now may I ask how you did it? It took me many steps, so I know you have a quicker way! And they are completed containers.

It may be best if you could post your model or at least part of it so that we can see what you are trying to accomplish. In the gif above there is nothing more than a simple intersect with model. The only thing not shown is the placement of the rectangular shape.


Tried to post it but it say’s it’s too big.

This is a snip of the model:

Is the container from the 3d warehouse? If so perhaps you could provide a link.

Shep and

Wonder why I didn’t think of that! sorry

Take a look at this model and click on the scene tabs. Hope it helps.

Hole cut in ISBU_HC_40_double.skp (393.3 KB)


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Thanks Shep, worked like a charm!

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Hi Guys

Great work Shep! If your container has a wall that is made of a solid you can also use the solid tools to achieve a similar result.
I have designed and modified many shipping containers in SketchUp with some really good results. I have also animated and rendered them which look really cool!
You can watch the animations here, (all models on my website were made in SketchUp including the animations)

Hope you enjoy 


nice tip buddy keep sharing so we keep learning … :grinning:

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Hello Fruntside, your animations are great. I will learn that after I learn this. Thanks!


Hi i need information regarding furntside. Is that 3d render software. If yes then where to download. How it works and does it support sketchup 2013. Do u have video tutorial how it works material editor lights etc

Hi Atek

Fruntside is the name of our business based in Australia, that provides services for the events and marketing industry including 3d modelling and rendering. The renderer that we have used for the majority of the images on our website is Shaderlight, along with other various plugins.

Have fun!