How do i cut through this downloaded object

Hi there. I downloaded some premade objects, which i have combined in an effort to “design” a project.
I would like to be able to “see through” the windows i have placed, but they’re blocked by the walls of the containers (look at file/screenshot). I understand how i cut things when its walls which i made in Sketchup, but i cant do it the same way to the object.
I tried google, but cant seem to understand it still
How do i cut a part of an premade/downloaded object, so i can see through?
thx backup.skp (3.2 MB)

Did you download the Shipping Containers from the SU 3D warehouse? If so, it appears you have added your windows “on top” of the shipping container components. (I have not loaded v2019 yet) Please advise.

You will need to take a look at the underlying geometry of the shipping containers to determine how you want to “cut” through the wall geometry. Best.

Hi there.
Yes, everything is - except some slight modifications as i needed multiple sizes of containers.
Is it not possible, just to “punch a hole” in the containers?

Yes you may punch a hole in the containers with the caveat that the entire shipping container, or the wall where you desire the window(s) is a “Solid” group or component. Are you familiar with Solids?

Another method would be to create a 3D volume with a width and height matching your window and “Intersect” this shape with the container wall, then erase everything “inside” and lastly place your window.

The container is a lot of nested components. To make intersect be practical I exploded them all into the same layer, then intersected with a box the width and height of the window, and then deleted all of the faces not needed. Even then I missed doing some pipes.

I think there is probably a better approach.

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Does it really make sense to cut through the doors and the retaining bars that lock the door? Seen as though this is going to be a window now, it doesn’t make much sense to me to leave those door bits behind. I’d be inclined to replace the door panel with a plain back one, and cut the window through that.

Tried this, and got it working.
Its a bit difficult, but gets the job done.

You’re right. :wink:
It does not make any sense - but its just a rough sketch :wink: