Container cutting windows and doors not working

I tried all the tips about cutting and intersecting the shape but non worked. also I checked what others asked about cutting windows into a container and tried that but also did not work.! the rectangular shapes is where I want the windows to be or in that shape. any help or other ways of doing it?

As there is nothing to see I’m going to guess that the container is made up a multiple groups or component forming the usual corrugation of the side walls and as such you can’t just cut through them in one go.
But without seeing the model or a link to the container itself it is hard to help.

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I posted a pnj about the container are you able to view it

No. You didn’t post a “pnj” and to actually see what’s going on, upload the SKP file.

What is a “pnj” anyway?

I meant PNG. I will try to upload the file

An image doesn’t provide enough information. The SKP file is needed.

ShippingContainer1.skp (247.2 KB)