Shipping container windows and doors cutting not working

I tried all the tips about cutting and intersecting the shape but non worked. also I checked what others asked about cutting windows into a container and tried that but also did not work as well as the tutorials…! the rectangular shapes is where I want the windows to be or in that shape. any help or other technique.I’m new to SketchUp, its my first time using itShippingContainer1.skp (247.2 KB)

A component can only cut a hole in a single face and only if the hole cutting component is in the same context as the face. As you have your shipping container modeled, hole cutting windows really won’t work for you.

You can draw the outline of the opening and extrude it through the side of the container and then edit the components that the open passes through to intersect the faces so you can remove the faces in the window area.

I’ll make an example.

Thank you. just to let you know i’m using windows and the free sketch up modeling.

Extruded shape for windows. Or at least that’s what I understood you wanted from the model.

Since the panels are components, select the ones that all get cut the same way and make them unique. (right click on one and choose Make Unique.) Individually select the others that will get cut and make them each unique, too.

Open a panel component for editing by triple clicking with the Select tool. This will open the component and select all of the geometry. Right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Model. After the intersection is completed you’ll get new lines dividing the faces in the panel.

Repeat for the rest of the panels that get cut and while editing the components, delete the faces where the openings should be.

Frankly, If I were modeling this container, I would explode all the individual panels to make one corrugated sheet.

Thank youuu so much. I will try it.

Hi, If the container wall is a solid group, you can cut your hole using solid tools. There is an excellent skill builder on this on YouTube.

Hi Ken,

You make a good point however the Solid Tools aren’t available to SketchUp Free users and the way the model is built, it would take a bit of modification to make the walls solid.