Is using push/pull a good way to make a hole?


Hi, I have been using SU for about 20 hours. I have been trying to make some holes in my model. I have been using the push/pull tool and snapping to the face and a hole appears… However it does not seem a reliable way to do it. I have made 5 out of 12 but cannot always get the push/pull tool to snap to the face.

Can any explain the best way to get the holes into my model?


Hi Kenf,

Push/Pull cannot cut a hole under certain conditions.
The beginning and ending faces must be parallel and there must be no intervening edges.

See Aidan Chopra’s Push/Pull videos:

If problems persist please share the model and we’ll have a look.



I guess intersect tool can make a hole too.

You can read it Here.


Hi, thanks for the replies :slight_smile: … What is strange is the first 3 holes ‘cut’ perfectly OK… then I started to have problems. I did manage to ‘cut’ 2 more?? But now using the push/pull isn’t working…
I’ve had a look at a number of videos and I may buy a tutorial book. I’ll have another go today.
Thanks again.


I watched the second video from Geo’s post and used ‘on face’ to click on the face I was cutting to. Holes cut :slight_smile: I used an earlier version of my model as I think that due to me not knowing what I was really doing I may have left some ‘line debris’ inside the model as I was trying and deleting and failing to cut the holes. This then got in the way.
Thanks Again!!


You can copy/paste your hole as well - this is much faster when you need - say 20 - same holes. Just make one, select, use move+copy to “drill” them


Not really. This leaves a face blocking both ends of the hole, which must be deleted.

Now, you can move a hole going through a single face (which was not the original situation) around like that. This means you can Move-Copy holes around in the flat face first and Push/Pull the face to thickness after.



Thanks again for the replies… I think I need more experience using SU… That’s just time… I need to break my models into more components depending upon the complexity of the model. I have purchased the book ‘3D printing with SketchUp’ which is helping.


You need to post the model, it appears you have holes in the " flat" bar but what is the next step (s)? PP will not work on non planar surface. I am thinking the plan is to bolt the flat bar to the web section? State the end game so folks trying to help understand the total issue?


Hi mac7595,
the model is going to be one piece. It will probably milled from aluminum or steel. I hope to finish the model this week…
Thanks for you advice.


FYI for anyone reading this - it wouldnt work for me with an object that had been made in to a component, i had to explode it first, then draw on my object, push/pull tool, delete the faces.
Apologies for necro-thread but this is the top response on google for “how to cut a hole sketch up”.


You only need to open the component for editing, you don’t have to explode it.
Double click on the component and it will open into editing mode, draw what you want, cut holes etc, then click outside the box to close the component.


I’ve come across this thread because I too struggled with my attempts to make a hole, turn it into a component or group, then array that in a grid.

So I’d like to add to this discussion about holes and ask for tips on the best way to create a 20 x 20 grid of equal holes in a block without push/pull each one separately.

I was trying to draw a large square showerhead with many holes.

Thank You


Here’s something I did a long time ago showing a way to make multiple holes in an array. There’s a video but the link is missing from the post. It is here, though.There’s no need to make a hole as a component.

and the exact same process for a 20 x 20 array of holes.


PERFECT!! Thank you, that explained everything and more.