Copy hole with push pull working

Hey guys. I’m getting nut trying to copy a bunch of hole in my design. I’ll try to explain well.

I select all the line and hole, cmd-c / cmd-v and put a the right place, i can see the patern of what i copy but if i push pull it dont work. the only way i was able is to draw a tiny line of top of each other and push pull + suppress over. it’s anoying since i copy a lot of hole. I’m i miss something ? I post a video on youtube to explain what i mean. Thanks again :slight_smile:

That’s normal. You need to select all of the faces, run Intersect Faces and then erase the faces skinning the holes. If you’d copy the hole before making the thing 3D, you’d find it much more efficient.

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Thanks DaveR, I try with intersect similar once re-select the line, i prefer this method since my design was already 3D, also less step but i’ll keep this in mind, thank you :slight_smile:

If you are staying ahead of your model, there are less steps in the method I showed.

Good luck.

While I agree with Dave that thinking ahead is better, if you are at the 3d stage Fixit 101 by Anton helps with holes.


Just wanted to make sure I understand…

I can move a 3d hole without issue. But, as soon as I hit CTRL to indicate I want a copy, I get only the outline of the hole. And, I can’t push/pull the shape’s outline.

I understand that I could create the holes before extruding, but in general, the whole reason I’m doing the 3d model is to get the holes in exactly the right place, given thickness of intersecting solids,etc.

Is this really a limitation? You can move holes in 3d objects, but not copy them?

(haven’t checked out FIxit 101 yet).


There’s more than one way to do things. You could also make a temporary cutting object. Make a stud to cut the hole and copy it all you want. Intersect the cutting object with your desired object with solid tools to make all the holes at once.

When I try to select the “face” that appears to be “skinning” the hole, I get the entire face of the solid.

If that doesn’t make sense, I’ll try resurrecting the tool that creates a gif of what I’m doing and post that.

Yes, that does happen. You can fix each one by tracing over one edge of each hole, but that’s no fun.

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I found that if the hole is extruded beyond the back face of the solid, I could copy the hole to N places. But, I couldn’t find a way to easily get the holes fixed up like I wanted. Maybe I could just trim them with a plane. (or try what you suggested).

I don’t understand why there’s no issue moving the hole, but copying doesn’t work?

If you watch @TheOnlyAaron model, he often pushes a hole through beyond the back face, then selects everything, intersects with context and trims off the unwanted excess. That’s necessary with a back face that’s not flat, but it works just as well with a flat face.

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Thanks for the quick replies!

I’m trying the various suggestions.

DaveR, I don’t use intersect faces often (if I ever used it). So, I need a bit more help.

I got it to work once, but I can’t seem to recreate exactly what I did. If I don’t select a face in the solid, then the options context, selected, and model are disabled.

When I selected the top face of the solid, I get the options enabled, but none seem to work.

What should I select before clicking on intersect faces, and what option should I choose?

RTCool, I think I understand your question–I think I know how to do that, based on what I did the first time by mistake (had the holes extruded too far before I did the copy)

The Fixit 101 works great!

DaveR. I’ll have to study a bit to figure out intersect faces. Probably something I should get more familiar with.