Partial Depth Hole Around A Hole?


I have drawn a plate (14"x16"x.75") and was able to draw 4 holes. 1 hole in each corner of the plate. I have also been able to draw 2 additional holes where I plan to mount a press. For each of these 6 holes I was able to use push pull to establish a hole completely through the plate. I now need to create a partial depth hole, roughly 1/2" deep, around the last 2 holes I mentioned previously. these partial depth holes are where the washer and bolt head will nest so the plate can rest flat on the bench top. The problem comes in after I draw the circle I want to push pull to the correct depth.

I fist tried to draw everything in 2D, which works for completing the holes that go completely through the plate. This method however leaves me with the area that is to be at partial depth hole still at 2D thickness. Push pull will only move that area vertically through the space it is in and will not add any depth/thickness to the area.

I then tried drawing all 6 full depth holes in 2D, bringing the plate to the appropriate thickness and erased the remaining parts that covered the 6 holes. This is now where I am stuck. I can draw a circle around the 2 holes where the bolt head will be recessed into but I cannot push pull this circle to remove the area in question. Using push pull in this area results in a thickness change to the whole plate and not simply the area in the newly drawn circle.

I have uploaded the current drawing as this may better explain what I am attempting.

Any help is appreciated.

Work Bench Plate for Press.skp (59.8 KB)


Sometimes edges don’t quite cut through the face they are on, you can see the thick profile line. A quick intersect is often all that is needed to make it work.


The circles around the holes to form the counter-sink are considered part of the top surface. Note the highlighting in the animation below. By connecting two adjacent points on the circumference, you can “heal” them and separate them. Using the Push/Pull tool, you can recess them to whatever depth you need. Note that you can double-click on subsequent surfaces with the Push/Pull tool and it will push or pull the surface the same amount as the previous push/pull.


Somehow, the offset circles aren’t associated with the plate. Select a circle and cut it (control-x). Then double click on the face of the plate and go to Edit>Paste in place. Now you can push in the counterbore you want for the washer. Repeat for the second hole.
Hope this helps.


A big thank you to all of you. This helped a ton and may answer a problem I had earlier on another drawing.