Removing holes from model

I have a .skp file with 2 counterbored holes that are not where I want them.
It is my first time using sketchup so please be detailed with me.
If I understand this software correctly I must draw a circle at the center of the original hole and push/pull to fill it in. Is this correct? The hole command does not want to snap to the center of the hole be cause it looks as though is is made of many segments. Also how do I push/pull to a specific depth or snap to a point?
Thanks for any help.

Here an approach to making to making counterbored holes and subsequently using the rectangle-area tool to select the holes to move and delete them:

If you complete one of the operations and then immediately type a dimension followed by enter, you can adjust the distance to whatever you want it to be … note the numbers in the lower right-hand corner.

SketchUp does not have true circles. To get the center inference hover the cursor over one of the circle’s cardinal point vertices.

Ok thanks I will give it a try

One thing that SU allows you is the option of completing the same task many ways. Which is cool because it becomes what is most comfortable for you. And not what is right or wrong. The solid tools work for your first 30 days and save a bit of time. The intersect tool is always a right (context)click away…

ok thanks for the help. unfortunately I am having trouble with the attached
model. I want to change the two large holes to 15mm .
diameter. see attched

X_Axis_Carriage_v2.skp (189 KB)

Are you referring to the channels through the piece? If would be easier to just redraw the thing. There’s a whole lot of other issues with the geometry that need to be fixed anyway.

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Ok, I 3d printed it already so I can verify some dimensions to recreate it.
Thanks for your input.

? The two large channels are 15mm dia.
(the only issue with the geometry I see is that there are loads of triangulation surfaces)

{PS if it’s moving the counter-bored holes, then it’s relatively simple…}